2.5 GPA

C+ letter grade and 78 percent

2.5 GPA, C+ letter grade and 78%


If you currently have a 2.5 and are researching what this means to your academic future, this page has resources which will cover the following.

  • Check how your GPA compares with other high school students
  • How to convert a 2.5 into a letter grade or percentage
  • See how much you can raise your current GPA
  • Find out what colleges you can get into with a 2.5

Is a 2.5 good or bad?

In high school

A 2.5 is not a very strong GPA. It's well below the U.S. average high school GPA (3.0) and further beyond the average 3.15 GPA for college-bound students. You have earned mostly C+'s which will get you though high school but isn't very good for applying to colleges. Freshman and sophomores still have time to pull their GPA up from a 2.5 to a 3.0 which is much better for applying to colleges. Juniors and seniors face more limited options. If you graduate high school with a 2.5, you face limited selective, four-year college choices. You will find more options if you also consider colleges that have open admissions to all students regardless of GPA.

2.5 letter grade and percentage

The letter grade equivalent to a 2.5 GPA is a C+. The C+ letter grade spans from 2.3 to 2.6 GPAs. This places a 2.5 in the middle of the C+ range, a mix of B's and C's. Read more about the C+ letter grade.

A 2.5 grade point average equals 78% on the percentage scale. This means that 2.5 GPA students scored an average of 78% on tests and assignments.

Raise a 2.5 GPA to a 3.0

If you have a low GPA and have decided to take action to improve your grades, congratulations setting a goal is an important first step. A 3.0 is a good target as it will open many more doors for you when you apply to colleges.

In order to increase your 2.5 you will need to take some steps

  • Attend all classes
  • Pay attention and take good notes in class
  • Do all of your assignments and turn them in on time
  • Practice good study habits. Every night, dedicate a block of several hours for doing homework, reviewing class notes and studying for tests
  • Ask your teacher for extra help outside of class
  • Seek assistance from a tutor for subjects you're having trouble with
  • Make friends with someone who is doing well in a class and see if they are willing to help you

Next an important consideration is if it's mathematically possible and realistic to achieve a 3.0. This will depend greatly on how far along you are in school as it gets progressively harder to increase a grade average. Consult the table below for a detailed look at your highest possible GPA and what grades it will take to get there.

How high can I raise my 2.5 GPA?

The table below will help you see how high or low you can possibly change your GPA if you currently have a 2.5. As you progress in school it becomes more and more difficult to improve your overall grade point average. Select the tab and table column corresponding to the last semester you completed. Then find a row for your predicted future letter grade average. The result would be your GPA at graduation if you can maintain that letter grade.

College acceptance with a 2.5 GPA

By examining the average high school GPA for students who were admitted to 1,366 selective four-year colleges, we can see how a 2.5 compares when applying to college. Nearly all of the colleges in the U.S. have an average accepted student GPA higher than a 2.5.

  • 98.61% of colleges have an average incoming student GPA higher than a 2.5
  • 1.39% of colleges have an average incoming student GPA lower than a 2.5

Here are 43 selective four year colleges where the average high school grades for incoming freshman is in the 2.5 range (+/- 0.2). You have a competitive chance getting into all of these schools with a 2.5. Some popular colleges are...

2.5 GPA Colleges Full List

There are 139 reach colleges where you can possibly get in with a 2.5 GPA. Acceptance may be more difficult because your grades are a bit lower than their average or competition for acceptance is high.

Additionally, you should keep in mind these 359 safety schools where their average GPA is either lower or the colleges have open admission policies (100% acceptance). You are likely to get into these colleges so they are a good backup plan.

Position of 2.5 on the GPA Scale

Conversion table of the unweighted 4.0 grade point scale with letter grade and percentage equivalents. This unweighted GPA scale is used my most U.S. high schools and colleges.

High School Grade Point Scale
GPA Grade Percent
3.0 B 83
2.9 B- 82
2.8 B- 81
2.7 B- 80
2.6 C+ 79
2.5 C+ 78
2.4 C+ 77
2.3 C+ 77
2.2 C 76
2.1 C 75
2.0 C 73

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