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Grambling State University

Reviewed by P******s from Sugarland, Texas on 2019-05-21

Cultural awareness. I was initially a student @ Louisiana Tech University in their applying for their nursing program until my counselor informed a 3 year wait list. I then transferred to GSU and was accepted completing the course in the time frame it would have taken to obtain a 2 year degree from Tech. My experience @ GSU enlightened my perception of one culture vs another. This is not said to be a "racist" comment, but there was a big difference. Thanks to GSU, I am ...   Read the full review...

Hampden Sydney College

Reviewed by D******H from Nokesville, VA on 2019-05-20

Great academics, sports, anda atmosphere. While only 1000 student attend - 1300 acre campus is laid out and gives a much larger campus feel. Being all male is no issue as another larger University is 5 minutes away....   Read the full review...

University of Wisconsin Platteville

Reviewed by M******e from IL on 2019-05-14

The ROI at UWP is pretty good but as you hear so many times you get what you pay for. The school is growing fast but they have a LOT of growing pains. Communications between departments and even within same departments is horrible. New teacher acting as councilor has steered our kid wrong may times. Adding undue stress to all our lives. If you have choice, DO NOT GO HERE. ...   Read the full review...

Michigan State University

Reviewed by M******e from Elk Rapids on 2019-05-14

Go Green!...   Read the full review...

San Diego State University

Reviewed by M******s from San Diego, California on 2019-05-14

An amazing Cal State school with a reasonable out of state price. Campus is very pretty with enough amenities to satisfy any incoming first year...   Read the full review...

Pacific Lutheran University

Reviewed by C******r from Edinburg, Texas on 2019-05-13

I graduated from PLU and it has been a key part of my success in the business world. The professors actually teach at this college if you are willing to learn. ...   Read the full review...

Western Carolina University

Reviewed by S******y from Wcu on 2019-05-13

WCU is a lot of fun and there are lots of cool activities constantly held for the students. Since the classes are smaller class sizes attendance is very important and professors have no problem failing you but they are very personal and are always there to help (you just have to ask). The advisors are my favorite part as they guide me through any problem or question I may have. It's very fun and the students are very nice to each other. I've never felt unsafe on the ...   Read the full review...

Western Oregon University

Reviewed by Y******e from Monmouth on 2019-05-12

Regardless of the fact that WOU is a small university, the atmosphere and the professors are very welcoming. Some professors aren't as welcoming in the beginning, but they turn out to be once you engage with them. If you're concerned about campus safety as well, our campus is very safe! We hardly ever hear about crimes that happen around or within campus, and by the time we do, those crimes have already been resolved... My dream was to attend WOU one day, and with all h...   Read the full review...

Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Reviewed by a******s from Canton on 2019-05-12

They are overpriced and not flexible with their class scheduling,it is nice that you do not have to apply to get accepted into your choice of major but that is all. I found the administration to be rather snobby and the overall atmosphere of the school was not pleasant. I would not recommend this school until you did thorough research....   Read the full review...

University of Houston

Reviewed by S******w from Texas on 2019-05-11

UH offers many opportunities and degrees. Many Houston businesses offer internships and analyst programs to UH students. Greek life and various other organizations offer many social opportunities. UH athletics compete at a high level and games are fun to attend. UH is underrated in my opinion. Being a UH Alum has helped me in numerous ways. 2 different jobs in my career were through UH networking. ...   Read the full review...