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University of Colorado Boulder

Mar 3, 2023
Current Student

It's a good school. Definitely not Berkeley, but a very good public state flagship school. I am satisfied with it so far.

St. Thomas University

Mar 3, 2023
Former Student

I attended this college for part of undergrad and most of graduate school. The school says Miami Gardens, but is on the outskirts of Opa Locka, a Miami hood area. During undergrad, several acts of violence occurred during the 2 years I went there, including a guy getting stabbed at a college dance. Lots of Caribbean students who do not always accommodate to American culture; lots of campus employees follow them so they can be accepted, rather than do their jobs objectively. Transferred and came back for Graduate school--figured being a commuter would work better for me. Me and my now husband attended all our classes together, studying the same degree program. I was President of the Honor Society, and a leader in their Title V student retention program, mentoring undergrad students that were at risk of dropping out. Issues came up as an end result of a major life transition and a change in my intern supervisor, and despite being 15 hours away from completing my degree--NONE of my professors supported me or stayed in my corner. NONE of them offered me any kind of mediation or voice on the matter, it was her word over mine and I was done. Nothing can ever express how deeply the loss of all my years of hard work at and FOR this college, hurt me when I was treated by people I established strong connections with like nothing I said mattered. At the time, I even went as far as the Dean, and Monsignor--only to have my concerns swept under the rug, and be left unable to graduate. The only recourse I had was to sue them, and a corrupt local Education lawyer swindled me and was in cahoots with the school, as he never did what I told him I wanted to have done when my case against them was solid. Now that Graduate Marriage and Family Therapy program is no longer offered, and it looks like the school has downsized significantly from when I was there. Avoid this school at all costs! It looks like it has actually gotten worse than when I last attended, and the tuition cost isn't worth it. At all.

Sam Houston State University

Mar 2, 2023

College classes prepared me well for my professional career, acquired employment before graduating, good sports teams, easy drive to Houston area, dorms are nice with pools, quality professors