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Northwestern University

Reviewed by N******n from Minnesota on 2018-12-13

I went to Northwestern for a summer camp, and I loved it there. The environment was great and the food was too. I am not familiar with the actually curriculum the university gives, but the professor who taught me creative writing was noble and sociable. I would totally want to go to college here and I would recommend other people to go too....   Read the full review...

Stony Brook University

Reviewed by m******n from east Northport on 2018-12-13

It is what you make it...   Read the full review...

West Virginia University

Reviewed by T******m from Bellman on 2018-12-13

Work hard, play hard....   Read the full review...

Barnard College

Reviewed by G******e from Seattle, WA. on 2018-12-12

Excellent school! Preps students well for career. Research the likelihood of being employed for your major upon graduation. In the heart of Manhattan so students can venture the city whenever they please....   Read the full review...

Temple College

Reviewed by D******e from Temple,TX on 2018-12-12

Temple College is great! I think that we should have more music majors and don't be afraid to socialize. BE YOURSELF!!...   Read the full review...

Georgetown College

Reviewed by R******m from Kentucky on 2018-12-11

Small campus vibe. Classes aren't easy past freshmen year (for most majors). Professors are great people who will help you if you are willing to learn and show up to class. If you want a good education while growing personally, would much recommend....   Read the full review...

Penn State Wilkes Barre

Reviewed by S******n from Dorm on 2018-12-11

It?s very small and I absolutely love it here. ...   Read the full review...

Bucknell University

Reviewed by C******r from New York on 2018-12-11

Great school. Really loved it. ...   Read the full review...

Ohio State University

Reviewed by G******y from Columbus, OH on 2018-12-10

As an out-of-state student, I barely knew anything about OSU before committing. Turns out, it has everything I could want and more! For a public university, it has demanding academics and high standards, and some really accomplished faculty as well. The social scene is so much fun as well! Between football weekends, nights spent with friends, and on campus events, there's always something to do. I absolutely love it here and couldn't imagine being anywhere else!...   Read the full review...

University of Akron Main Campus

Reviewed by V******t from Akron, Ohio on 2018-12-10

I think that Akron is what you make of it. You will get out the effort you put in, and it is important to realize how inexpensive it is compared to a lot of other schools. UA degrees are very well-respected and they genuinely want to help you get a job. Don't come here expecting to have everything handed to you on a silver platter, this is college and it is supposed to prepare you for real life so be expected to work. Overall great campus, not the best food (thanks arama...   Read the full review...