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University of Massachusetts Lowell

Reviewed by r******d from Knoxville TN on 2018-09-25

like all things in life you need to apply yourself to make it happen. don't think it gets easier as you get closer to grad day. just the opposite. the best value education of a life time is your reward. I studied with high school friends that went to Tufts, MIT, and Northeastern who used the same text books I had at LTI. aka UMASS Lowel. worth the effort! Class of 73 ...   Read the full review...

Fortis College

Reviewed by J******. from Indianapolis,In on 2018-09-24

I'm only a few weeks in, but my teachers are wonderful and they want you to be successful... I just hope that it all pays off for me and my family....   Read the full review...

University of Maryland College Park

Reviewed by A******m from Los Angeles, California on 2018-09-24

I?m a transfer student from LA and absolute love the campus, students, and professors. The resources here are incredible, so take advantage of them! Price is expensive, but for what Maryland offers, I think it?s reasonable. Transfers are NOT given housing. They didn?t tell me this until after I enrolled. Lots of mold, no AC, and outdated dorms from what I heard. The university can sometimes buy unusual things such as nap pods in the library. So they don?t always make the...   Read the full review...

Brigham Young University Provo

Reviewed by R******t from Wisconsin on 2018-09-23

I look back on my time at BYU with fondness. The beautiful campus offers a fantastic atmosphere so you could study effectively anywhere. School offers a large selection of classes, even fun classes to give yourself a break. High moral standards offers a safe place to live. Great experiences (academically and socially) that prepared me for admission to medical school. Would highly recommend BYU to anyone....   Read the full review...

University of Scranton

Reviewed by N******A from East Coast on 2018-09-23

The education I recieved at the University of Scranton set me up for success, both professionally and academically. After graduating from the University I joined the military and served as an officer. The well rounded education I received allowed me to think outside of the box to solve complex problems. Although many of my peers were probably smarter than me, I was able to see problems from different perspectives and it reflected positively in my fitness reports. Aft...   Read the full review...

William Peace University

Reviewed by K******e from Cary on 2018-09-20

Graduated from Peace two years ago. I loved my professors and felt like I was challenged. Had a great internship. The campus is sort of boring but NC State is there if you want to get in some mischief. Not a lot of guys but most are athletes. If you want one of those campus with pools and tons of fun, this isn't the place. It's a nice little oasis in the city. ...   Read the full review...

University of Phoenix Madison Campus

Reviewed by T******y from San Diego on 2018-09-20

Great School, no problem finding a job, Especially Government. Loved the curriculum model. Easy schedule to manage personal and work life. Recommend the school to working people who are looking to advance in their careers....   Read the full review...

Mesa Community College

Reviewed by J******e from Mesa Arizona on 2018-09-19

Very nice school....   Read the full review...

Daymar Institute Clarksville

Reviewed by D****** from Daymar College-Clarksville, TN on 2018-09-19

Retired Vet; school is over-priced, but decent and some great instructors, and a nice small facility for students and faculty. Would love to see more hands-on from instructors with certain procedures to make sure each student is properly placed in future career work centers. ...   Read the full review...

Florida International University

Reviewed by J******n from Miami on 2018-09-18

Don't get distracted by the party life due to the environment that is the Miami area. There is a time and place under the sun for all things including fun and having a social life, however, don't allow it to engross your time to the point where you lose focus on the work that you have come to put in....   Read the full review...