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Eastern Michigan University

Reviewed by A******y from Midland, MI on 2018-12-17

Overall great school-- great classes and professors, new developing programs (such as the Fermentation Science program, which is my degree program), great social environment, typically small class size (the largest class I've had was 85 students and was a 100-level general education required course), and a cozy campus where you can get pretty much anywhere you need in about 15 minutes. I love it here!...   Read the full review...

University of Cincinnati Main Campus

Reviewed by C******s from CIncinnati, Ohio on 2018-12-17

Ignore the stereotypes about this college. UC is the best school in Ohio, especially for engineering and CCM. I say this because they offer co-ops for practically every major that will cover the majority of your bills, give you real life experiences, and guarantees you your dream job when you graduate. There are a total of 5 co-op rotations that are built into the program, and I think that is the most effective way of learning whether you will like your major or not....   Read the full review...

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology Okmulgee

Reviewed by r******6 from New Orleans on 2018-12-17

a great school , change alot for the better ...   Read the full review...

Santa Clara University

Reviewed by K******n from Santa Clara on 2018-12-17

Great University, ample opportunities. ...   Read the full review...

Lehigh University

Reviewed by C******m from PA on 2018-12-17

The campus is lacking in diversity... the atmosphere is stuffy and more conservative than I anticipated. Moreover, partying and Greek life run the entire campus. Depending on your major, some classes are harder than Ivies, while others are pathetically easy. Racism, sexism, and other social issues are a plague across the campus and the school is very heteronormative and narrow-minded. Frats are breeding grounds for sexual assault. The university is trying to cut back on ...   Read the full review...

Colorado Northwestern Community College

Reviewed by A******m from Colorado on 2018-12-16

Having worked as a faculty member for a year (2017/2018 school year) in the aviation program I have a bit more insight. If you or your children are interested in pursuing a career in aviation please do not be duped into the ?more affordable? cost of CNCC. I can tell you from first hand experience the way the program is being ran, it doesn?t save you any money, in fact it will cost you more. On average students finally complete the program in 3-4 years instead of 2. Why? ...   Read the full review...

Northland College

Reviewed by G******y from Madison, Wi on 2018-12-15

Small class size, great professors, accepting and positive social scene....   Read the full review...

Northwestern University

Reviewed by N******n from Minnesota on 2018-12-13

I went to Northwestern for a summer camp, and I loved it there. The environment was great and the food was too. I am not familiar with the actually curriculum the university gives, but the professor who taught me creative writing was noble and sociable. I would totally want to go to college here and I would recommend other people to go too....   Read the full review...

Stony Brook University

Reviewed by m******n from east Northport on 2018-12-13

It is what you make it...   Read the full review...

West Virginia University

Reviewed by T******m from Bellman on 2018-12-13

Work hard, play hard....   Read the full review...