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Trinity College

Reviewed by C******r from Washington, DC on 2019-03-22

Going to Trinity was the best decision I ever made....   Read the full review...

SUNY at Binghamton

Reviewed by s******a from f on 2019-03-21

i really like this school, it is definitely moving up in the world. My favorite part is that everyone here is so chill and the campus environment is great....   Read the full review...

University of Mississippi

Reviewed by M******e from Chicago, IL on 2019-03-21

Great place to learn and meet other interesting students...   Read the full review...

North Park University

Reviewed by M******e from Chicago, IL on 2019-03-21

Great school for adult learners....   Read the full review...

University of Miami

Reviewed by S******m from Miami on 2019-03-21

Engineering is Lacking...   Read the full review...

Franklin and Marshall College

Reviewed by S******t from Lancaster, PA on 2019-03-20

Drown students with work and push liberal ideas on their students and will give lower grades if what is expressed in class does not agree with their views. Tuition is now top 10 in the country for a barely top 50 liberal arts school with low tier job opportunities after college. Terrible social life, weekends are spent at a disgusting dive bar and crammed into small apartments sweating until you faint. Freshmen are being hospitalized at an alarming rate because there is ...   Read the full review...

Dartmouth College

Reviewed by T******d from New York on 2019-03-20

Idyllic undergraduate experience and tight-knit alumni community...   Read the full review...

Bethany College

Reviewed by S******h from Kansas on 2019-03-19

Awesome school!...   Read the full review...

Middle Tennessee State University

Reviewed by R******h from Florida on 2019-03-19

MTSU is a great school to attend. It is not too big or too small. The professors are easily accessible and friendly. The bang for the buck is definitely here at Middle. The school offers a Greek system that welcomes non-Greeks into their circle. To me, it is the Goldilocks school....   Read the full review...

The University of Texas at Austin

Reviewed by B******b from Houston on 2019-03-19

you will be challenged to compete at every level. You will be exposed to a wide diversity of cultures, beliefs and views of our place in the world. The challenges of school are offset, and sometimes enhanced, by being in an environment where "work hard, play hard" is the mantra. Austin is an ideal college town. One final thing: OU still sucks!...   Read the full review...