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Wofford College

Reviewed by P******H from Florida

Good academics, a lot of Greek life, and an ok city....   Read the full review...

Boston University

Reviewed by B******e from North Carolina

I graduated over 50 years ago and am still happy that BU was the start of my Music education. I was a performance major and had the best instructors one can imagine. Also spent summers at Tanglewood. Went on successfully both in music and business and attribute it partially to the experience of BU and the entire education scene....   Read the full review...

Dine College

Reviewed by N******l from Tsaile

Great school for those who want to graduate without debt...   Read the full review...

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Reviewed by M******a from China

Good place for studying but not life. It is toooooooo cold! The guys live around are nice. Schoolmates are lovely. But most professionals are PHD Students for undergraduate classes. Anyway, I lived there for several years, and I like the university!...   Read the full review...

Daymar College Clarksville

Reviewed by A******y from Indiana

I am a former student, Graduated in 2014. I am swimming in debt and NONE OF MY CREDITS TRANSFER!! NONE!! they will lie to you and rush you through the paperwork when you are applying so you don't get a chance to read through anything. they tell you that your credits will transfer but I am telling you... THEY DONT!! they use up your pell grant, veterans benefits and encourage you to get student loans.. they promise job placement (so far they haven't lifted a FINGER to hel...   Read the full review...

Winthrop University

Reviewed by J******e from Greenville SC

Loved attending Winthrop! ...   Read the full review...

Stony Brook University

Reviewed by M****** from Margolis

Wonderful school, campus , education and area. Big value for the money....   Read the full review...

Christopher Newport University

Reviewed by B******e from Shenandoah, VA

School can be expensive. If money is an issue other places are more worth it....   Read the full review...

Harvard University

Reviewed by R****** from Cambridge, Mass.

One of the finest institutions in the country....   Read the full review...

Lamar University

Reviewed by T******s from Corsicana

If you are looking to be a teacher, nurse, scientist, police officer, civil engineer, or other job that does not have an upper end salary, then this is an exceptional school to get you qualified without getting into major debt. Not a party school, but a very friendly environment. Staff is helpful and classroom sizes are usually small....   Read the full review...