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Fordham University

Reviewed by D******n from New York

Overpriced school that isn't known at all out of the Northeast. Students are incredibly homogenous for a school in the Bronx and party scene is restricted to about three bars. Go elsewhere....   Read the full review...

University of Central Florida

Reviewed by K****** from Orlando

It is a wonderful school for engineers! But is also great for business majors and psychologist majors as well! ...   Read the full review...

Long Island Business Institute

Reviewed by V******n from Flushing, NY

Except for the long hours of operation, everything about working with the Long Island Business Institute is pretty convincing. You are absolutely going to love the zeal and enthusiasm of the students if you ever get a chance to work here!...   Read the full review...

Long Island Business Institute

Reviewed by D******l from New York

Long Island Business Institute is definitely a great place to work. The best thing about LIBI is the department heads. They are some of the finest people in their fields and yet, extremely understanding and supportive....   Read the full review...

Stanly Community College

Reviewed by R******n from Charlotte, NC

Horrible school. The faculty are rude and unhelpful. I wasted nearly a year of my life and hundreds of dollars on useless classes that I didn?t need. They refused to certify me, got a bunch of teeth sucking or eye rolling and ?Ooh, someone should have told you that you can?t have that until you do this-and-that....? Incompetence all around. The other students are stressed and angry all the time, lashing out at others and insulting them, bullying them, and making fun of t...   Read the full review...