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Belmont University

Reviewed by L******o from California on 2018-10-20

Harsh and condemning - profess to be a Christian based school - not so....   Read the full review...

University of Notre Dame

Reviewed by C******n from Niles, MI on 2018-10-18

Great Alumni network!...   Read the full review...

Pepperdine University

Reviewed by e******e from calabasas on 2018-10-18

Its honestly whatever you make out of it, just like any other college, BUT if you work hard your life after college will be a breeze in comparison...   Read the full review...

Blackburn College

Reviewed by M******e from Detroit, MI on 2018-10-17

I was there in the '80 and the atmosphere was great....   Read the full review...

Concordia University Saint Paul

Reviewed by V******d from IN on 2018-10-15

I am a graduate student that attended the online Master's program. I felt the content of all of my courses was fairly easy but I have also been working for the past 15+ years so that probably had something to do with it. I enjoyed the accelerated program and cohort I was part of. The only thing I did not care for was having to log in for class every tuesday and be visible via video as sometimes I needed to work late or I was on vacation but still exceeding the require...   Read the full review...

Wright State University Main Campus

Reviewed by L******n from Springfield, OH on 2018-10-14

I took several classes at WSU after earning a BA. I did not intend to pursue a graduate degree at WSU, but I wanted additional training in my field. WSU is a good value, but the faculty needs to be more student focused. Some of the Teaching Assistants are not very good and not well supervised. WSU should expand the number of undergraduate and graduate online and / or hybrid classes offered, so working adults can continue their education. Generally, I would recommend ...   Read the full review...

Butler University

Reviewed by D******d from Indianapolis on 2018-10-11

If you want to get your Pharm.D then it's a good school to go to with a clear outline & path to get you to where you want to go. If you want any other type of degree, then there is better academics and value elsewhere. That said, the campus is beautiful & there is a great feel to the university as a whole. Dating/Social Life is a tough one. Smallish student body so you sort of get to know a lot of people even if only by sight. Not a ton of nightlife unless you venture ou...   Read the full review...

Oregon State University

Reviewed by J******n from Oregon on 2018-10-08

Oregon is a good school for sports and other activities and you have to have good grades for you can make the school.You feel really safe in your bedroom....   Read the full review...

Texas Tech University

Reviewed by L******e from Lubbock, Texas on 2018-10-03

Honestly, I love this school my sweetheart loves it the campus security is great professers are are great...   Read the full review...

Saint Johns University

Reviewed by J******d from Minnesota on 2018-10-02

Overall atmosphere is very good...   Read the full review...