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The University of Texas at San Antonio

Reviewed by T******T from San Antonio

Generally, the campus is diverse, friendly. The staffs are helpful and I can connect to my professors....   Read the full review...

Iona College

Reviewed by J******J from J

Big school feel, small class sizes. Always something to do. Always a party somewhere. Quality education and even more quality networking connections. Get to know your peers!...   Read the full review...

Florida Gulf Coast University

Reviewed by G******i from Miami

This school is not for low-income students, sorry. Let the upper middle class kids have this school. The academics are okay; The STEM professors are so strict and extra for no reason. On-camous housing is bad; it's expensive yet ugly at sovi and worn down and ugly at north lake. Unless you are part of housing program, don't live on campus. Housing, cashiers, bursars, and registrars office are incompetent and not useful in any situation. This is not a party school. This s...   Read the full review...

Columbia Southern University

Reviewed by T******s from Indiana

I graduated college in the 1980's so going back to school to change careers seemed daunting. In my circle of armed forces veteran friends one suggested CSU because they may take a lot of the credits I earned through my military training. I went through the submission process and they applied a lot of my credits towards a BS degree in Occupational Health and Safety. I was surprised at how organized and structured the on-line learning process is and the instructors are...   Read the full review...

Central Carolina Community College

Reviewed by M******a from NC

The staff and and instructors are nice, at least the ones I have met are. However their website that you typically use to submit assignments is a little messed up, and somehow they didn't complete filling out something of mine so I ended up with 4 classes instead of 5 like I was supposed to have. Though the most messed up thing is that they have all these special events for "people of color" and for them only. Which is pretty messed up as there is no equality here, espec...   Read the full review...

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Reviewed by M******a from bongarda

Social atmosphere....   Read the full review...

Walters State Community College

Reviewed by U******a from Greeneville Tennessee

Knowledgeable professors who are passionate about their fields and care about their students. Remarkably helpful students and staff that go out of their way to help you succeed. The Niswonger campus in Greeneville is brand new and gorgeous. It's like stepping into Hogwarts. ...   Read the full review...

Pfeiffer University

Reviewed by B******b from Washington State

I went to Pfeiffer long time ago ('66) after spending 2 yrs at Brevard College, which was a 2-yr school at the time. While I feel somewhat ashamed that I "used" Pfeiffer (which admitted me despite my low GPA from Brevard) as a stepping stone to gain admittance to Furman where I later graduated (thank the lawdy!), I experienced certainly more positive social vibes than I later did at Furman. Basically, what I was looking for was merely the bachelor's degree which I did ea...   Read the full review...

McCann School of Business and Technology

Reviewed by s******h from monroe,la

So far I am in my second term an dislike it. The education quality is that of middle school. I am currently looking for other school options because this one is not going to be it....   Read the full review...

Valencia College

Reviewed by R****** from Titusville

I graduated from Valencia and found I was prepared for the University of Central Florida. I did find unfortunately that the teachers are now charging 200 dollars per class for private websites. This does not include books or lab fees. This increases prices by 1/3 for the school beyond tuition cost. The education is awesome and the pricing of fees should be looked into before attending....   Read the full review...