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University of Dallas

Apr 3, 2024

It has a very rigorous academic life and caring professors. You will learn and grow here, and truly learn how to think (not what to think). Very impressed with their curriculum.

University of South Alabama

Mar 28, 2024
Current Student

Campus can be a little boring to outsiders, but it is really great for leadership experience and networking opportunities if you get involved on campus.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Mar 25, 2024
Current Student

If you are on the fence about going to school for art/ don't consider yourself the stereotypical "art kid" DO NOT GO HERE. Everyone thinks they are better than others, and tries so hard to be edgy. It gives very much high school vibes because of how few students go to the school. Paying for this school genuinely makes me feel like I am flushing money down the toilet.