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Mesa Community College

Reviewed by J******e from Mesa Arizona on 2018-09-19

Very nice school....   Read the full review...

Daymar Institute Clarksville

Reviewed by D****** from Daymar College-Clarksville, TN on 2018-09-19

Retired Vet; school is over-priced, but decent and some great instructors, and a nice small facility for students and faculty. Would love to see more hands-on from instructors with certain procedures to make sure each student is properly placed in future career work centers. ...   Read the full review...

Florida International University

Reviewed by J******n from Miami on 2018-09-18

Don't get distracted by the party life due to the environment that is the Miami area. There is a time and place under the sun for all things including fun and having a social life, however, don't allow it to engross your time to the point where you lose focus on the work that you have come to put in....   Read the full review...

Kean University

Reviewed by M******a from North Brunswick on 2018-09-17

It?s a very beautiful campus. I feel pretty safe here. Like all schools, not all the professors are great, but there are some pretty good ones....   Read the full review...

Indian River State College

Reviewed by J******n from Houston,Texas on 2018-09-13

Indian River State College is an unbelievable value for the money. I attended my first two years here and went on to two different universities to obtain my Master's Degree. I would rate the quality of education I received in those first years with all the other classes I took, especially when you take into account class size and the personal attention of the professors. I fully credit this school to getting my life on track to be successful,...   Read the full review...

University of Miami

Reviewed by J****** from Boca Raton, FL on 2018-09-13

Greek Life ...   Read the full review...

College of William and Mary

Reviewed by A******y from NJ on 2018-09-11

The school, campus, and town are everything that our son was hoping for and then some. The rigorous academic aspect will prepare him for medical school. The social and party atmosphere is just good enough to have a great college experience without too much temptation. We are so happy he chose WM over the other equally impressive universities he was fortunate enough to be accepted to....   Read the full review...

Oakland Community College

Reviewed by M******t from Mi on 2018-09-07

There is no housing so that not even needed on the poll and same thing with Party/bar scene unless you are in the Royal Oak Campus that about it for that one.. Teachers are O.K. some of them are fair some of them are out right pricks....   Read the full review...

Elon University

Reviewed by A******l from Virginia on 2018-09-07

I haved only toured the campus, but I can already tell that Elon University is a spectacular place. They have a 12 to 1 student to faculty ratio, a beautiful campus, and several restaurants around campus. It is right in the middle of this cute, little town that is filled with wonderful people. I am only a junior in high school, but I know that Elon is going to be my home one day. ...   Read the full review...

Northeastern University

Reviewed by L******n from NJ on 2018-09-06

Great intern program gives students an opportunity to experience their field and change their minds, so they do not waste 4 years and hate what they are doing. Great job opportunities from those companies that co-op. Highly recommend. ...   Read the full review...