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Grantham University

Reviewed by T******y from TEXAS

I think Grantham University is a great place for anyone to go. The staff is nice and very helpful and was always available....   Read the full review...

Coastal Bend College

Reviewed by J******e from texas

Teachers seem to want you to teach yourselves. Completed all my assignments and taught myself at home after lecture classes. Barely help on they did help it was a foreigner. In addition, a time limit of an hour and one half per week. Unfortunately, the subjects i was taking had no tutors for those subject in on campus. Subjects poorly taught by low level educators is the crux. Qualifications teachers is questionable. I had one teacher just read straight ...   Read the full review...

Hardin Simmons University

Reviewed by m******y from bullard,tx

The down syndrome program has really impacted me ...   Read the full review...

Winthrop University

Reviewed by J******t from NC

Winthrop is an excepting loving community. They cater to students with disabilities so well. I 100% recommend Winthrop University. ...   Read the full review...

Utica College

Reviewed by A******x from Syracuse, NY

Utica College is like a home away from home. The small class sizes allow professors to get to know the students on a personal level and provide the best learning experience that can be tailored to their individual needs. The faculty and staff here are so amazing and they try to do whatever they can to help the students succeed. I chose Utica College for their occupational therapy program and I am so glad I did because I have made so many great friends and the faculty has...   Read the full review...