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Illinois State University

Reviewed by D******k from New York, NY

ISU is a bargain financially and an extremely underrated school academically. Undergrads have a large and varied choice of activities, and can even participate in research that at a lot of other schools is only done by graduate students. Nearby highly ranked schools, large and small, often piggyback on ISU because they don't support the kind of student activities and competitions that ISU offers. There isn't the grad inflation or last minute course drops available as wit...   Read the full review...

American InterContinental University Online

Reviewed by m******u from statesville nc

Stay away from this scam. I completed AIUs BBA degree plan and completed it shortly before I retired from the US Coast Guard. I thought along with my 30 years of experience a degree would give me a better chance of getting a good civilian job, wrong!!!!! I soon found out no employers looked on the AIU degree as a real one. I decided to go back to school and get an MBA, and after applying at no less than 5 colleges/universities if found that not one of my AIU credits tran...   Read the full review...

Centura College Richmond Main

Reviewed by P****** from Richmond

First the campus has a convenient location and is located on the bus line. The school has a good partnership with local business and companies. The atmosphere is positive, supportive with staff that constantly support and encourage the best out of our students. The instructors are top notch, are professional and have wealth of information. The student and career services help before you enroll, during your enrollment and after you graduate. If you are a hands on person...   Read the full review...

Columbia Southern University

Reviewed by G******e from Florida

CSU is an excellent online school. The professors usually respond to all emails within a day and provide reliable feedback. Most assignments consist of writing assignments, so be prepared. Plagiarism is easily detected and not tolerated. The tuition is very reasonable compared to other online schools. All of my textbooks were free as long as I mailed them back to CSU upon completion of each course. I would recommend this school to anyone who works full-time or does not h...   Read the full review...

Clemson University

Reviewed by B******n from Clemson

It?s just not that fun. No diversity- everyone here is white, preppy, narrow minded, and very full of themselves. The town has nothing going on- a small, conservative, holier than thou town where the only thing going on is Clemson football. The social scene is also nonexistent compared to other schools in the state. ?Who wants to sit around a keg in an apartment complex with concrete floors tonight!?? Very disappointed and will be transferring after sophomore year ...   Read the full review...