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University of South Florida Main Campus

Reviewed by J******n from Marquez on 2019-06-14

One of Florida's preeminent university. High research based which means great exposure to industry leaders....   Read the full review...

Soka University of America

Reviewed by L******a from Soka Univeristy of America on 2019-06-11

I am getting into my sophomore year and I really love the life that SUA provides. The faculty and staff are very supportive of all our projects. The students here are very approachable and friendly...   Read the full review...

Soka University of America

Reviewed by E******a from california on 2019-06-11

Although we do not get to go to cities and bars etc... there is always something that keeps you busy on campus, such as clubs and student groups. I think they worth doing it if you want to grow as a human. Definitely, you will not be able to find any other places like Soka... ...   Read the full review...

Vanguard University of Southern California

Reviewed by L******e from Costa Mesa on 2019-06-05

Keep looking...   Read the full review...

University of Central Arkansas

Reviewed by M******o from Nigeria on 2019-06-04

I got accepted with a 940 SAT SCORE DON'T be discouraged you can be accepted too...   Read the full review...

Columbia Southern University

Reviewed by D******u from Arkansas on 2019-06-01

CSU is completely an online school. While, it is not a regionally accredited school, it is a DEAC school, which means its nationally accredited. I have completed 2 degrees from regionally accredited schools, both a B.A and a M.S. I decided to get an MBA from CSU and knew it was not regionally accredited but that did not matter. The education is well versed and the instructors give decent feedback. Overall, the school is great for working adults and people who want an onl...   Read the full review...

Eastern Michigan University

Reviewed by J******s from Lansing, MI on 2019-05-31

This is what I like to call a "No-frills" university. The social scene is meh and the nearby bar choices are limited, but if you are going to EMU then that isn't your main priority anyway. The school does a lot with a little. The campus is smaller than most but still very pleasant to walk around and easy to navigate. The class sizes are small and the equipment is not bleeding edge by any means but the faculty are some of the most knowledgeable people in their respected f...   Read the full review...

Benedictine College

Reviewed by A****** from Seabrook, Texas on 2019-05-31

What makes Benedictine unique is how welcoming the community. One of the Benedictine values is hospitality and that's apparent. The teachers truly care about the students and the students seek out the teachers outside of class to ask for help with homework, get advice, ask about things they're curious about, or just talk. You know just about everyone's face even if you haven't spoken with them before and the students genuinely care about each other, even those that they'...   Read the full review...

Albany State University

Reviewed by E******h from Smyrna GA on 2019-05-29

Its a great school with fantastic energy, and a very caring staff ...   Read the full review...

West Virginia University

Reviewed by J******n from GA on 2019-05-28

Faculty and facilites were first rate. N WV a great place to live, small town feel, close to bigger city in Pittsburgh. Friendly locals, and superb school sprit. ...   Read the full review...