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SUNY Maritime College

Oct 2, 2023

Some years ago the College offered a Regiment (cadet) program and a non-regiment (civilian ) choice for student life. I highly recommend the regiment program as it also leads to a the Merchant Marine Officer license. A highly valuable professional credential. These extra nautical courses and summer sea term on the training ship can added to any BS degree program. Post graduation you realize that the professional ship officer license is as valuable as the degree in the very specialized world of the Maritime Industry. Although one might consider cadet life as "less fun" than the traditional College student experience the upside is it instills disipline and compels engagement with your fellow cadets. The hands on structure of cadet life creates a teamwork atmosphere and develops leadership skills. Most alumni of the College recognize the hard work and sacrifice that goes into being a cadet on top of also managing a normal academic load. Alumni value that ethos when deciding on hiring graduates. The cohesion of the regiment of Cadets results in lifelong friendships and connections in the Maritime Industry that pays long term benefits.

Christopher Newport University

Sep 23, 2023

Complete waste of money and time for our child. Aweful. No one cares about any one or anything here other than screwing you out of your saved dollars. Too bad. Plenty of other great universities in the US. This one is Aweful.

Texas State University

Sep 23, 2023
Current Student

I currently go to Texas State and I love it! I read the other two reviews on here bashing it, and I have to say that I had no problems at all enrolling with the GI Bill and the other person going to TXST is extremely biased and probably should have chosen a private religious college. My only complaint is that parking is atrocious, and the dorms are pretty terrible. I don't live in them though. All of my professors are caring and attentive. The campus is very well taken care of, there are always fun activates going on outside of class like game nights at the library, school sponsored hiking trips, midnight paddling on the San Marcos river... There are cool sports teams from the regular ones and even equine and waterskiing and wakeboarding teams. They have free yoga and workout classes. Their rec center is MASSIVE with a great smoothie shop in it. There are sooooo many options for food and a small HEB (grocery store) nearby and a larger one a few more miles away. There are abundant resources to for students to help them with any issues in class like tutoring, and you can rent equipment from the Alkek One Library. Equipment like guitars, pianos, sewing machines, recording devised, cameras... you name it. They have people on staff who they hired from Microsoft to help teach students how to use the equipment too. Texas State is really great, I'm very happy to be going here.