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Harvard University

Reviewed by R****** from Cambridge, Mass.

One of the finest institutions in the country....   Read the full review...

Lamar University

Reviewed by T******s from Corsicana

If you are looking to be a teacher, nurse, scientist, police officer, civil engineer, or other job that does not have an upper end salary, then this is an exceptional school to get you qualified without getting into major debt. Not a party school, but a very friendly environment. Staff is helpful and classroom sizes are usually small....   Read the full review...

Andrews University

Reviewed by l******e from michigan_berrien springs

itīs a great school wich emphasize in the spiritual part of everyone to allow everybody being a success in their studies ...   Read the full review...

Los Angeles College of Music

Reviewed by Y******a from Japan

My review is only for one faculty of LACM, not for all of this college. Composing for visual media major of this school is incredibly terrible. Curriculum is cheap, and teachers of this faculty don?t teach seriously. Of course there are good teachers, but you have few chance to meet them because they are busy. We must know that good player isn?t always a good coach. Actually they work at real music industry, but it doesn?t mean they can teach well. After all, names of ...   Read the full review...

Trine University

Reviewed by J******y from Fort Wayne, IN

If you are looking for small class size with caring professors this is a place for you. My son was encouraged by a professor to add a second major and will still graduate on time. As long as you seek help, professors and administrators will do all they can for you. As for social life, it can be tough in the beginning for any freshman but it does get better as you meet people. My son went from hating it the first semester to already missing it as he enters his final year....   Read the full review...

Texas A & M University College Station

Reviewed by A******n from College Station

Texas A&M holds so much tradition, family togetherness, and loyalty to the school. Graduating from this school will get you more places than you could ever imagine. Aggies have a reputation as hard workers, dedicated, and generous. We are always putting others before ourselves. The campus does a great job with resources and making sure you have everything you need to succeed. The campus is safe, there are always police and security walking, biking or riding on hoverboard...   Read the full review...

University of Miami

Reviewed by M****** from miami

The academics were subpar and not worth the money that you pay for tuition. Two of my professors were good researchers but poor teachers. NO engaging discussions. Often times I sat in class wondering if the President of the University was aware of the low quality of education and teaching in my class. In terms of the community: Unsafe. High car accident fatalities. An international student who lived in the apartments very close to the university was robbed and stabbed...   Read the full review...

Kennesaw State University

Reviewed by C******r from Kennesaw

Good school for students who are not trying to change the world, but find their own passion and build the foundation for a good life. If you live in the area, and you can get in, it is easily best value for your money college. It is what you make of it. If you are smart and want to transfer, that's alright; transfer after 1 year. Marietta campus is kinda lame. Kennesaw campus is kinda basic. Professors can be great or terrible, many faculty are subpar. Not the greatest f...   Read the full review...

University of the Pacific

Reviewed by B******t from Southern California

Excellent university. Pricey but worth it. Pharm.D. program is a great way to prepare for a well-paying, highly respected, and in-demand profession. Chemistry department is excellent. Greek life is a great way to ensure an active social life. There are a lot of attractive students of European ancestry. ...   Read the full review...

Hudson County Community College

Reviewed by D******n from Jersey City, NJ

The community of students are open minded. There are plenty of organazations that students can join. Incoming freshmen should consider looking into the EOF program for assistance with getting help adjusting to college life. They have starbucks in the library so that helps as well. the professors have a passion for their job so it makes learning easier to understand from a students perspective. ...   Read the full review...