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Baylor University

Sep 9, 2023
Prospective Student

Baylor is such an amazing experience that any single person on earth would love to go to. Sure it might be a little expensive but for a degree that you will never forget, you?ll just want to go to a college that you?ll never forget. Go to Baylor the second you go to Waco. You might even become famous from Baylor like everyone else!

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Sep 6, 2023

Provided an excellent well-rounded education that sets graduates up for success. The huge university setting is not for everyone. If you require individualized attention as a regular component of your educational experience look elsewhere but at UIUC a high level education is there for the taking.

Wilmington University

Sep 3, 2023
Former Student

This school, specifically the Dover campus, has dropped into the toilet over the last 10 years. I completed a Masters in Secondary Ed in 2008 and had a great experience. I went back for a degree in clinical mental health counseling in 2020 and the experience was 100% different. The university has completely bought into the diversity equity and inclusion stuff so If you're a straight white male be prepared for the indoctrination of your life. Be prepared to be called "the problem with our society". Be prepared to have your grades changed days after being graded by a TA so that you go from an A in the class to a C. In the end, after 2.5 years and a near perfect GPA I was told I couldn't move on to clinical because they didn't think I could "work with people of color." All because I didn't agree with their critical race theory nonsense. Biggest waste of time and money I've ever spent!