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College students, use this calculator to determine the outcome of this semester's grades on your overall college average. To calculate your cumulative average, enter in your current GPA and credit hours from previous semesters; then this semester's grades and credits.

Prior Semesters' Grades (optional)

If you want to calculate your cumulative GPA, enter the total GPA you've earned in prior semesters and the total credits you've already taken. You can leave this empty and skip below if you're only interested in the current semester's GPA.

This Semester's Grades

Enter the letter grade you earned in each class this semester.

How to use the GPA Calculator

  1. Locate your prior cumulative GPA and enter it in the 'Prior Cumulative GPA' input. This can be found on your last recent report card prior to this semester and represents your GPA to this point. If you don't have a prior GPA, you can skip ahead to step 3.
  2. From your most recent report card, determine how many credits you have already completed before this semester and enter it in 'Number of Prior Completed'. This value is very important for determining your overall GPA. The more classes you've already taken, the harder it will be to move your GPA up or down this semester.
  3. Select your letter grade for each course this semester ranging from an A to an F
  4. Select the number of credit hours for the corresponding class. Typically college classes are three or four credit hours.
  5. Click the "Calculate your GPA" button to see your cumulative and semester GPA

How your GPA is calculated

This calculator uses the (4.0) four point GPA scale outlined in the tables below in order to convert your letter grades to numerical points. Your semester's GPA is calculated as the sum all the points earned, divided by the total number of course credits taken. You may optionally calculate your cumulative GPA through this semester by entering it in the prior semester input boxes. The cumulative calculation will only be accurate if you also enter the total number of classes taken in prior semesters. This information can be found on your previous report card.

College Letter Grade to GPA Conversion

College Grade Point Scale for Letter Grades
Letter Grade Point Value