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If you're in middle school, high school or college, it's important to have a target GPA keep you focused on your goals. You may be curious if your desired GPA target is reachable and what future grades you need to achieve it. This calculator will show you the future GPA you need to either raise or maintain your GPA. If a GPA is achievable or not largely depends on how far you are through school. As you progress, your past grades become a larger factor in your cumulative GPA and it's progressively harder to raise your average. This calculator will give you results for each semester, freshman through senior year.

In order to raise your GPA, you will need get better grades than you're currently getting. If you're past sophomore year, you will need significantly higher grades to move your average up. Here are some tips you can follow to do better in school.

  • Attend all classes
  • Pay attention and take good notes in class
  • Do all of your assignments and turn them in on time
  • Practice good study habits. Every night, dedicate a block of several hours for doing homework, reviewing class notes and studying for tests
  • Ask your teacher for extra help outside of class
  • Seek assistance from a tutor for subjects you're having trouble with
  • Make friends with someone who is doing well in a class and see if they are willing to help you