C+ Letter Grade

C+ letter grade is equal to 77-79 percent and 2.3 GPA

C+ Letter Grade, 77-79% and 2.3 GPA equivalent

What is a C+ letter grade?

A C+ is the seventh highest grade on the U.S. high school and college grading scale ranging from A+ to F. A letter C+ means satisfactory or average performance in a class. The '+' further refines the student's rating as higher than a C but worse than a B-. A C+ is a better grade than a C.

What is a C+ grade in percentage?

The percent value for a C+ is 77-79. This means that the student answered 77-79 percent of the questions correctly on tests or earned 77-79 percent of points on assignments. The C letter grade range (C+/C/C-) extends from 79% to 70%, so a C+ is at the high end of the C scale.

Is a C+ letter grade good?

A C+ isn't a bad grade, but it's not a good grade either. You're falling short of other students' performance with a C+. A C+ GPA is a 2.3 and is a fair distance from the average for most high school students (B).

What is a C+ GPA?

The GPA scale value for a C+ is a 2.3 grade average. 2.3 grade points are assigned to classes when calculating GPA's using the unweighted 4.0 scale. Any GPA higher than 2.3 and lower than 2.7 is considered a C+ average.

How can I get a C+ average?

You can earn a C+ average by getting C+'s in every class, or offsetting a lower grade with more than one B-'s or B's. For example, if you got an C+, C+, C-, B- and B, the B- and B will cancel out the C- and you will have a 2.4 GPA (C+). In summary, you need to earn more B's or B-'s than C's or C-'s. The math can be tricky, so it's easier to try a example using a GPA calculator.

To get a C+ average, you will need to go to all classes, pay attention, study, and turn in assignments on time. You should concentrate on scoring 77 or better on all of your assignments and tests.

Is an 75% a C+ or a C?

The C grade range is from 73 to 76 and C+'s are awarded from 77 to 79. Hence a 75 is only a C, not a C+.

What colleges can I go to with C+ grades?

Consider these 16 selective four year colleges where the average high school grades for incoming freshman is in the C+ range (average GPA 2.3 +/- .2). These are a good match and you have a very competitive chance getting into all of these. Popular colleges include Saint Augustines College, Johnson C Smith University, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Le Moyne Owen College.

There are 46 reach colleges where you may get in with a C+ average. Acceptance may be tougher because your grades are a bit lower or competition for acceptance is high.

Additionally, you may want to consider these 443 safety schools where the average GPA is lower than a C+ or the colleges have open admission policies (100% acceptance). You are likely to get into these colleges.

"C+" position on the Letter Grade Scale

Reference table of the letter grade scale with grade points and percent equivalents. This grading is used my most U.S. high schools and colleges using an unweighted 4.0 scale. Use this table to convert a letter grade to a GPA or percentage.

High School and College Grade Point Scale for Letter Grades
Grade Points Percent
A+ 4.0 97-100
A 4.0 93-96
A- 3.7 90-92
B+ 3.3 87-89
B 3.0 83-86
B- 2.7 80-82
C+ 2.3 77-79
C 2.0 73-76
C- 1.7 70-72
D+ 1.3 67-69
D 1.0 63-66
D- 0.7 60-62
F 0.0 59 or lower