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Penn State York Location and Distances

York, Pennsylvania

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Penn State York is located in York, Pennsylvania; population 43,718 in a midsize suburban setting.

1031 Edgecomb Ave
York, Pennsylvania
17403-3326 USA

Map of Penn State York

Approximate Commuting Distances

Penn State York distance from Pennsylvania cities
City Distance
Valley View0 miles
Queens Gate1 miles
Tyler Run2 miles
Grantley2 miles
East York2 miles
North York2 miles
Spry3 miles
West York3 miles
Emigsville4 miles
Stonybrook4 miles
Yorklyn4 miles
Yoe5 miles
Jacobus5 miles
Dallas5 miles
Shiloh5 miles
New Salem6 miles
Red Lion6 miles
Hallam6 miles