The Best Illinois Colleges for a 3.9 GPA

What Illinois colleges will likely accept a 3.9 grade point average?

A GPA of 3.9 or A- average places you in the middle of the academic range at these Illinois schools. CollegeSimply has parsed the reported high school grade point averages for a large portion of Illinois schools and selected 3 where students have a good possibility of getting in with a 3.9. These colleges are ranked by their position on the CollegeSimply best colleges ranking. This list is intended as a guide of schools to explore further and a recommendation of colleges which have historically accepted students in the 3.9 range.

 What do these ratings mean?

College Avg GPA Chance
Illinois Colleges for a 3.9 GPA GPA Chance
University of Chicago 4.0 Avg -  Chance
Illinois Institute of Technology 3.92 Avg -  Chance
Wheaton College 3.71 Good  Chance