Colleges Hardest to Get Into

Colleges with the Lowest Acceptance Rate in for 2019

These are the most selective colleges in . We've ranked the schools which reject over fifty percent of applicants by rate of acceptance. Leading the list is Corban University which sent acceptance letters to only 33% of the 1,943 students who applied and rejected 67%. Interestingly, not all schools on our "most selective" lists are overly academically challenging. Schools with less rigorous standardized test and high school GPA requirements may receive a large numbers of qualified applicants and the school does not have the capacity to potentially enroll.

List of Lowest Acceptance Rate Colleges & Universities in
Rank College Percent Admitted Academic Difficulty
1 Corban University
Salem, Oregon
1,943 Applicants
33% Avg+  Chance
2 Reed College
Portland, Oregon
5,652 Applicants
36% Very Hard  Chance
3 Concordia University Portland
Portland, Oregon
2,675 Applicants
49% Avg-  Chance