rhode-island Colleges Easy to Get Into

Colleges with the Highest Acceptance Rate in rhode-island for 2019

The least selective four year colleges in rhode-island are presented below. Our ranking is comprised of institutions which accept over fifty percent of student applications. Leading the least selective list is Johnson & Wales University Providence which sent acceptance letters to 88% of the 14,372 students who applied and rejected 12%. Just because a school is less selective doesn't mean it's a lesser school academically or easy to get into. If a school receives predominantly applications from well qualified prospective students and has a large student body, it may accept a high proportion of applications. This does not mean that it's necessarily easier for lesser qualified students to get into a less selective school.

List of Highest Acceptance Rate Colleges & Universities in rhode-island
Rank College Percent Admitted Academic Difficulty
1 Johnson & Wales University Providence
Providence, Rhode Island
14,372 Applicants
88% N/A  Chance
2 Roger Williams University
Bristol, Rhode Island
9,515 Applicants
82% N/A  Chance
3 Rhode Island College
Providence, Rhode Island
4,846 Applicants
74% Easy  Chance
4 Bryant University
Smithfield, Rhode Island
7,242 Applicants
73% N/A  Chance
5 Salve Regina University
Newport, Rhode Island
4,991 Applicants
72% N/A  Chance
6 University of Rhode Island
Kingston, Rhode Island
21,909 Applicants
70% Avg+  Chance
7 Providence College
Providence, Rhode Island
11,251 Applicants
52% Hard  Chance