82% Grade

B- letter grade and 2.7 GPA

82 Percent Grade, B- Letter Grade and 2.7% GPA

What grade is 82%?

A 82 percent grade is a B- letter grade. A letter grade B- means good or above average performance in a class or on a test. Any percentage score in the 80-82.9 range is a B- on the grade scale table.

82% grade to GPA

A 82 converts to a 2.7 GPA. All percent grades 80-82.9 are in the 2.7 range. GPA is determined from a percent grade by consulting the GPA conversion table.

Is a 82 a B- or B?

A 82 is a B- and is one percentage point below being a B. The cutoff for a B is a 83 minimum. However, teachers may sometimes give students the benefit of the doubt and round up to a B. This is especially true if your percentage is a fraction above a 82, like a 82.5, 82.75 or 82.9. If the B- is rounded up you would benefit from an additional 0.3 grade points in your GPA calculation.

Common scores which result in a 82

Aside from 82 out of 100, there are numerous ways students can end up with 82% grades. Here are scales for common number of test questions that can lead to a 82 grade.

Grades in the 82 Range
Percent Earned Possible Grade
82.86 29 35 B-
82.5 33 40 B-
82.22 37 45 B-
82.86 58 70 B-
82.67 62 75 B-
82.5 66 80 B-
82.35 70 85 B-
82.22 74 90 B-
82.11 78 95 B-
82.86 87 105 B-

Applying to colleges with grades in the 82% range

Earning test and assignment grades in the 82% range puts you on a path towards getting into many colleges, but scores like this are on the low side. Check out the full discussion on 2.7 GPA to compare your grades, or jump right to the list of colleges you can start thinking about.

Position of 82% on the Percent Grade Scale

Reference table of the percentage grade scale with letter grade and unweighted GPA point equivalents. This grade scale is used my most U.S. middle schools, high schools and colleges.

High School and College Grade Scale by Percentages
Percent Grade Points
87 B+ 3.3
86 B 3.0
85 B 3.0
84 B 3.0
83 B 3.0
82 B- 2.7
81 B- 2.7
80 B- 2.7
79 C+ 2.3
78 C+ 2.3
77 C+ 2.3

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