Colleges Easy to Get Into

Colleges with the Highest Acceptance Rate in for 2018

The least selective four year colleges in are presented below. Our ranking is comprised of institutions which accept over fifty percent of student applications. Leading the least selective list is Mary Baldwin College which sent acceptance letters to 99% of the 2,706 students who applied and rejected 1%. Just because a school is less selective doesn't mean it's a lesser school academically or easy to get into. If a school receives predominantly applications from well qualified prospective students and has a large student body, it may accept a high proportion of applications. This does not mean that it's necessarily easier for lesser qualified students to get into a less selective school.

List of Highest Acceptance Rate Colleges & Universities in
Rank College Percent Admitted Academic Difficulty
1 Mary Baldwin College
Staunton, Virginia
2,706 Applicants
99% Avg-  Chance
2 Virginia Intermont College
Bristol, Virginia
179 Applicants
98% Easy  Chance
3 Virginia State University
Petersburg, Virginia
5,722 Applicants
94% Easy  Chance
4 Marymount University
Arlington, Virginia
2,476 Applicants
91% Avg-  Chance
5 Virginia Wesleyan College
Norfolk, Virginia
1,654 Applicants
90% Avg-  Chance
6 Shenandoah University
Winchester, Virginia
1,911 Applicants
88% Avg-  Chance
7 Bluefield College
Bluefield, Virginia
836 Applicants
85% Easy  Chance
8 Norfolk State University
Norfolk, Virginia
4,439 Applicants
85% Easy  Chance
9 Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia
11,352 Applicants
85% Avg-  Chance
10 Randolph College
Lynchburg, Virginia
1,214 Applicants
84% Avg+  Chance
11 Regent University
Virginia Beach, Virginia
2,008 Applicants
81% Avg+  Chance
12 George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia
15,548 Applicants
81% Hard  Chance
13 Radford University
Radford, Virginia
7,447 Applicants
81% N/A  Chance
14 Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia
15,629 Applicants
81% Avg+  Chance
15 The University of Virginia's College at Wise
Wise, Virginia
1,050 Applicants
78% Avg-  Chance
16 Longwood University
Farmville, Virginia
5,282 Applicants
74% Avg-  Chance
17 University of Mary Washington
Fredericksburg, Virginia
6,270 Applicants
74% Avg+  Chance
18 Roanoke College
Salem, Virginia
4,459 Applicants
73% Avg+  Chance
19 Ferrum College
Ferrum, Virginia
3,327 Applicants
72% Easy  Chance
20 James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia
21,304 Applicants
72% Avg+  Chance