Pacific Northwestern Colleges for a 33 on the ACT

What Pacific Northwestern colleges accept a 33 ACT score?

33 ACT Score, 98% Percentile

These Pacific Northwestern colleges are a good match for you

If you've achieved a score of 33 on your ACTs, this places you squarely within the average range for accepted students at 2 Pacific Northwestern colleges. This list features popular colleges where your application will likely be competitive, given their historical acceptance of students with a 33 ACT score. However, it's crucial to remember that a good ACT score is not the sole criterion for admission. In fact, may colleges are now test optional. It's equally significant to maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) that aligns with the college's expectations for incoming students. The creation of this list is rooted in a comprehensive analysis of ACT scores from students admitted to all Pacific Northwestern colleges

Is a 33 ACT good?

A score of 33 rocks. You're a top one percenter now. It situates you in the top 98th percentile on the national scale, outperforming the majority of the 2 million ACT test takers. This score signifies your exceptional performance in answering questions in the English, Math, Reading and Science sections of the exam. The ACT is scored out of a maximum of 36 and a minimum of 1, meaning your 33 score represents 92% of the total possible points. If a 33 does not meet the requirements of your preferred college, you might want to consider enrolling in a test prep course to potentially enhance your score.

Demographic comparisons for a 33

Let's examine how a 33 ACT score stacks up to the national averages across various demographic groups


  • Male: A 33 is 12.7 points (63%) higher than the average male ACT score of 20.3
  • Female: A 33 is 12.4 points (60%) higher than the average female ACT score of 20.6


  • White: A 33 is 11.3 points (52%) higher than the average white ACT score of 21.7
  • Black: A 33 is 16.7 points (102%) higher than the average black ACT score of 16.3
  • Hispanic: A 33 is 14.7 points (80%) higher than the average Hispanic ACT score of 18.3
  • Asian: A 33 is 8.1 points (33%) higher than the average Asian ACT score of 24.9
  • Pacific Islander: A 33 is 15.8 points (92%) higher than the average Pacific Islander ACT score of 17.2
  • American Indian/Alaska Native: A 33 is 16.1 points (95%) higher than the average American Indian/Alaska Native ACT score of 16.9
  • Two or more races: A 33 is 12.4 points (60%) higher than the average two or more races ACT score of 20.6

All groups

  • All Students: A 33 is 12.7 points higher than the average ACT score for all students of 20.3

What is the SAT equivalent to a 33 ACT score?

A 33 on the ACT translates to a 1460 on the SAT according to the concordance provided by the College Board and ACT. It's important to note that not all colleges disclose admission data for both the SAT and ACT. As such, we recommend checking our listings for each test to identify schools with similar academic profiles.

What percentile is a 33 ACT score?

Scoring a 33 on the ACT places you in the 98th percentile nationwide. This implies that your performance surpassed 98% of all test takers. To put this in perspective, about 2 million students sit for the ACT each year. Thus, with your score, you've outperformed about 1,960,000 students placing you ahead of the majority with only 40,000 test takers achieving a higher score.

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List of 33 ACT Colleges

Displaying 2 colleges where your 33 ACT score is within the typical range of past accepted students. You have a chance at being accepted but admission may be challenging at more selective colleges. Hint: Filter by admission chance for 9 target schools (good chance), 0 reach (harder) schools and 156 safety (easier) schools you can consider.

University of Washington Seattle Campus
Seattle, WA

University of Washington Seattle Campus

Public 4 Year

6 reviews

30 Average ACT Composite

Test Optional

#8 Best Public Universities in America

  • 52,434enrollment
  • $9,661net price
  • 53%acceptance rate
  • 1200-1453SAT range
  • 27-33ACT range
  • 3.82Avg GPA
Your 33 ACT
Admission Chance68%

Applications Due Nov 16

Whitman College
Walla Walla, WA

Whitman College

Private 4 Year

3 reviews

31 Average ACT Composite

Test Optional

#1 Best Private Colleges in Washington

  • 1,559enrollment
  • $38,989net price
  • 59%acceptance rate
  • 1295-1455SAT range
  • 29-33ACT range
  • 3.68Avg GPA
Your 33 ACT
Admission Chance73%

Applications Due Jan 15