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Northeastern Technical College Location and Distances

Cheraw, South Carolina

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Northeastern Technical College is located in Cheraw, South Carolina; population 5,851 in a rural fringe setting.

1201 Chesterfield Hwy.
Cheraw, South Carolina
29520 USA

Map of Northeastern Technical College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Northeastern Technical College distance from South Carolina cities
City Distance
Wallace6 miles
Chesterfield8 miles
McFarlan8 miles
Patrick10 miles
Morven12 miles
Society Hill14 miles
Ruby14 miles
Bennettsville15 miles
Cordova16 miles
Mount Croghan17 miles
East Rockingham18 miles
Hamlet19 miles
Lilesville19 miles
Gibson19 miles
Rockingham19 miles
Wadesboro20 miles
Dobbins Heights20 miles
Tatum20 miles