Livingstone College Location and Distances

Salisbury, North Carolina


Livingstone College is located in Salisbury, North Carolina; population 33,662 in a distant town setting.

701 W Monroe St
Salisbury, North Carolina

Map of Livingstone College

Distance from Major Metropolitan Areas

Livingstone College distance from Major Cities
City Distance
Philadelphia418 miles
New York495 miles
Chicago576 miles
Dallas950 miles
Houston956 miles
San Antonio1,132 miles
Phoenix1,795 miles
San Diego2,091 miles
Los Angeles2,140 miles

Distance from North Carolina Cities

Livingstone College distance from North Carolina cities
City Distance
Winston-Salem32 miles
Charlotte37 miles
Greensboro47 miles
Durham91 miles
Fayetteville94 miles
Raleigh104 miles

Livingstone College Campus