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Brevard College Location and Distances

Brevard, North Carolina

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Brevard College is located in Brevard, North Carolina; population 7,609 in a distant town setting.

One Brevard College Drive
Brevard, North Carolina
28712 USA

Map of Brevard College

Distance from Major Metropolitan Areas

Brevard College distance from Major Cities
City Distance
Chicago529 miles
Philadelphia530 miles
New York608 miles
Dallas821 miles
Houston827 miles
San Antonio1,003 miles
Phoenix1,671 miles
San Diego1,967 miles
Los Angeles2,019 miles

Distance from North Carolina Cities

Brevard College distance from North Carolina cities
City Distance
Charlotte107 miles
Winston-Salem151 miles
Greensboro173 miles
Fayetteville212 miles
Durham221 miles
Raleigh233 miles