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Columbia-Greene Community College Location and Distances

Hudson, New York

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Columbia Greene Community College is located in Hudson, New York; population 6,713 in a rural fringe setting.

4400 Rte 23
Hudson, New York
12534 USA

Map of Columbia-Greene Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Columbia Greene Community College distance from New York cities
City Distance
Lorenz Park3 miles
Athens3 miles
Claverack-Red Mills3 miles
Catskill4 miles
Stottville5 miles
Jefferson Heights5 miles
Leeds6 miles
Philmont7 miles
German8 miles
Coxsackie9 miles
Ghent11 miles
Copake Lake12 miles
Kinderhook12 miles
Malden-on-Hudson12 miles
Cairo13 miles
Palenville13 miles
Chatham13 miles
Saugerties13 miles