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NMSU-Dona Ana Location and Distances

Las Cruces, New Mexico

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New Mexico State University Dona Ana is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico; population 97,618 in a midsize suburban setting.

3400 S Espina
Las Cruces, New Mexico
88003-8001 USA

Map of NMSU-Dona Ana

Approximate Commuting Distances

New Mexico State University Dona Ana distance from New Mexico cities
City Distance
University Park0 miles
San Pablo2 miles
Mesilla4 miles
Fairacres5 miles
San Ysidro7 miles
Mesquite8 miles
San Miguel9 miles
Doa Ana9 miles
La Mesa11 miles
Vado12 miles
Organ13 miles
Berino16 miles
Radium Springs17 miles
White Sands17 miles
Chamberino17 miles
Anthony20 miles
Anthony22 miles
La Union23 miles