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SCC Location and Distances

Carneys Point, New Jersey

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Salem Community College is located in Carneys Point, New Jersey; population 7,382 in a rural fringe setting.

460 Hollywood Avenue
Carneys Point, New Jersey
08069-2799 USA

Map of SCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Salem Community College distance from New Jersey cities
City Distance
Penns Grove2 miles
Pedrick2 miles
Bellefonte3 miles
Edgemoor3 miles
Claymont3 miles
Ardencroft4 miles
Arden4 miles
Marcus Hook4 miles
Beckett4 miles
Wilmington4 miles
Arden5 miles
Linwood5 miles
Trainer5 miles
Boothwyn6 miles
Swedesboro7 miles
Chester8 miles
Village Green-Green Ridge8 miles
Pennsville8 miles