Hannibal-LaGrange University Location and Distances

Hannibal, Missouri


Hannibal LaGrange University is located in Hannibal, Missouri; population 17,916 in a remote town setting.

2800 Palmyra Rd
Hannibal, Missouri
63401-1999 USA

Map of Hannibal-LaGrange University

Distance from Major Metropolitan Areas

Hannibal LaGrange University distance from Major Cities
City Distance
Chicago243 miles
Dallas565 miles
Houston724 miles
San Antonio816 miles
Philadelphia861 miles
New York922 miles
Phoenix1,220 miles
San Diego1,505 miles
Los Angeles1,538 miles

Distance from Missouri Cities

Hannibal LaGrange University distance from Missouri cities
City Distance
St. Louis97 miles
Kansas City174 miles

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