For Profit Colleges in Mississippi

Directory of Mississippi For Profit Colleges for 2019

For-profit colleges are private schools run by businesses. Besides having an education mission, they have a second profit-oriented objective. For-profit schools may be more expensive than public or community colleges as they are not directly publicly supported by state or local taxes, but tend to earn a disproportionate amount of revenue through Federal student loans. This list of for-profit colleges in Mississippi will help you identify the for-profit schools and determine if this type of environment is right for you.

There are 6 For Profit colleges in Mississippi on our list. Explore the schools below to get an idea if any are a match for you.

List of For Profit colleges in Mississippi
College Location
Antonelli College Hattiesburg Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Antonelli College Jackson Jackson, Mississippi
Blue Cliff College Gulfport Gulfport, Mississippi
Miller Motte Technical College Gulfport Gulfport, Mississippi
University of Phoenix Jackson Campus Flowood, Mississippi
Virginia College Biloxi Biloxi, Mississippi