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PGCC Location and Distances

Largo, Maryland

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Prince George's Community College is located in Largo, Maryland; population 10,709 in a large suburban setting.

301 Largo Rd
Largo, Maryland
20774-2199 USA

Map of PGCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Prince George's Community College distance from Maryland cities
City Distance
Lake Arbor1 miles
Kettering2 miles
Summerfield3 miles
Walker Mill3 miles
Glenarden3 miles
Westphalia3 miles
Mitchellville3 miles
Peppermill Village3 miles
Woodmore3 miles
Forestville4 miles
Springdale4 miles
Brock Hall4 miles
District Heights4 miles
Seat Pleasant4 miles
Landover4 miles
Capitol Heights5 miles
Marlboro Village5 miles
Fairmount Heights5 miles