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HCC Location and Distances

Hagerstown, Maryland

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Hagerstown Community College is located in Hagerstown, Maryland; in a midsize suburban setting.

11400 Robinwood Dr
Hagerstown, Maryland
21742-6514 USA

Map of HCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Hagerstown Community College distance from Maryland cities
City Distance
Robinwood0 miles
Chewsville2 miles
Funks3 miles
Hagers3 miles
Paramount-Long Meadow4 miles
Mount Aetna4 miles
Beaver Creek4 miles
Cave4 miles
Jug4 miles
Pondsville4 miles
Bag4 miles
Fountainhead-Orchard Hills5 miles
Leitersburg5 miles
Smithsburg5 miles
Halfway6 miles
San Mar6 miles
Reid6 miles
Mount Lena6 miles
St. James6 miles