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Garrett College Location and Distances

McHenry, Maryland

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Garrett College is located in McHenry, Maryland; in a distant rural setting.

687 Mosser Road
McHenry, Maryland
21541 USA

Map of Garrett College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Garrett College distance from Maryland cities
City Distance
Accident5 miles
Friendsville8 miles
Swanton9 miles
Deer Park9 miles
Jennings10 miles
Oakland11 miles
Mountain Lake Park11 miles
Loch Lynn Heights12 miles
Hutton12 miles
Addison13 miles
Terra Alta13 miles
Markleysburg13 miles
Crellin14 miles
Grantsville14 miles
Kitzmiller15 miles
Bloomington15 miles
Elk Garden16 miles
Franklin16 miles
Luke16 miles