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CSM Location and Distances

La Plata, Maryland

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College of Southern Maryland is located in La Plata, Maryland; population 8,753 in a rural fringe setting.

8730 Mitchell Rd
La Plata, Maryland
20646-0910 USA

Map of CSM

Approximate Commuting Distances

College of Southern Maryland distance from Maryland cities
City Distance
Pomfret1 miles
Port Tobacco Village3 miles
Bensville4 miles
Bryans Road5 miles
Waldorf6 miles
Potomac Heights7 miles
Accokeek8 miles
Indian Head8 miles
Bryan9 miles
Brandywine11 miles
Mason Neck12 miles
Mount Vernon12 miles
Fort Washington12 miles
Cedarville12 miles
Fort Hunt12 miles
Fort Belvoir13 miles
Hughesville13 miles
Woodlawn13 miles