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Butler CC Location and Distances

El Dorado, Kansas

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Butler Community College is located in El Dorado, Kansas; population 13,021 in a rural fringe setting.

901 S Haverhill Rd
El Dorado, Kansas
67042-3280 USA

Map of Butler CC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Butler Community College distance from Kansas cities
City Distance
Towanda6 miles
Augusta9 miles
Leon10 miles
Potwin12 miles
Benton12 miles
Rosalia14 miles
Andover16 miles
Whitewater18 miles
Burns20 miles
Bel Aire20 miles
Cassoday21 miles
Douglass21 miles
Rose Hill21 miles
Kechi21 miles
Elbing22 miles
East22 miles
Latham23 miles
McConnell AFB24 miles