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SWIC Location and Distances

Belleville, Illinois

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Southwestern Illinois College is located in Belleville, Illinois; population 44,478 in a rural fringe setting.

2500 Carlyle Ave
Belleville, Illinois
62221-5899 USA

Map of SWIC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Southwestern Illinois College distance from Illinois cities
City Distance
Shiloh3 miles
Rentchler3 miles
Swansea4 miles
Scott AFB4 miles
Freeburg5 miles
O'Fallon5 miles
Mascoutah7 miles
Fairview Heights7 miles
Smithton8 miles
Lebanon8 miles
Millstadt9 miles
Caseyville10 miles
Centreville11 miles
Summerfield11 miles
Alorton11 miles
Fayetteville12 miles
Washington Park12 miles
Collinsville12 miles