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ICC Location and Distances

East Peoria, Illinois

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Illinois Central College is located in East Peoria, Illinois; population 23,402 in a rural fringe setting.

One College Drive
East Peoria, Illinois
61635-0001 USA

Map of ICC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Illinois Central College distance from Illinois cities
City Distance
Washington5 miles
Peoria Heights5 miles
German Hills6 miles
West Peoria6 miles
Peoria6 miles
Creve Coeur6 miles
Morton7 miles
Bay View Gardens7 miles
Marquette Heights7 miles
Spring Bay8 miles
Bellevue8 miles
North Pekin8 miles
Bartonville8 miles
Norwood9 miles
Metamora10 miles
Pekin11 miles
Deer Creek11 miles
Rome12 miles