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College of Lake County Location and Distances

Grayslake, Illinois

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College of Lake County is located in Grayslake, Illinois; population 20,957 in a midsize suburban setting.

19351 W Washington St.
Grayslake, Illinois
60030-1198 USA

Map of College of Lake County

Approximate Commuting Distances

College of Lake County distance from Illinois cities
City Distance
Third Lake1 miles
Gages Lake2 miles
Grandwood Park3 miles
Hainesville3 miles
Round Lake Park3 miles
Venetian Village4 miles
Round Lake Beach4 miles
Gurnee4 miles
Lindenhurst4 miles
Round Lake5 miles
Round Lake Heights5 miles
Libertyville5 miles
Old Mill Creek6 miles
Lake Villa6 miles
Long Lake6 miles
Mundelein6 miles
Park City6 miles
Green Oaks6 miles