FGC Location and Distances

Lake City, Florida


Florida Gateway College is located in Lake City, Florida; population 12,046 in a rural fringe setting.

Highway 90 East
Lake City, Florida
32025-2007 USA

Map of FGC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Florida Gateway College distance from Florida cities
City Distance
Water2 miles
Five Points6 miles
White Springs16 miles
Lake Butler17 miles
Worthington Springs19 miles
Fort White19 miles
Raiford21 miles
Brooker24 miles
La Crosse25 miles
Glen St. Mary25 miles
High Springs26 miles
Branford26 miles
Spring Ridge26 miles
Live Oak26 miles
Macclenny28 miles
Alachua28 miles
Lawtey31 miles
Starke31 miles

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