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CCF Location and Distances

Ocala, Florida

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College of Central Florida is located in Ocala, Florida; population 56,315 in a small city setting.

3001 SW College Rd
Ocala, Florida
34474 USA

Map of CCF

Approximate Commuting Distances

College of Central Florida distance from Florida cities
City Distance
Belleview10 miles
Silver Springs Shores11 miles
Reddick14 miles
Dunnellon18 miles
Morriston18 miles
Hernando20 miles
McIntosh20 miles
Citrus Springs21 miles
East Williston21 miles
The Villages21 miles
Williston22 miles
Lady Lake22 miles
Beverly Hills24 miles
Inverness Highlands North24 miles
Pine Ridge24 miles
Micanopy24 miles
Williston Highlands25 miles
Inverness25 miles