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SAT scores needed to get into Georgetown University

Average Score and SAT Requirements

Average SAT Score 1480

The average composite SAT score for admitted Georgetown University freshman is 1480 out of 1600. Georgetown students have the 29th highest average SAT score in the United States. For perspective, a 1480 is in the 99th percentile of all SAT test takers.

SAT Score Range 1410 to 1550

The middle fifty percent of incoming students have SAT composite scores ranging from 1410 to 1550. The 75th percentile score is 1550 while the 25th percentile score is 1410.

Minimum SAT score requirement

The lowest SAT score accepted is not reported by Georgetown but we estimate it to be around a 1340 total composite SAT score.

Average SAT Math Score 745

The average score for Georgetown students on the math portion of the SAT is 745 out of 800. The 25th percentile of students score a 710 and the 75th percentile score 780.

Average SAT Reading Score 735

The 25th and 75th percentile range for SAT reading scores range from 700 to 770 and the average score for Georgetown University students is 735.

Number of Students Submitting SAT Scores

64 percent of students submit SAT scores with their application to Georgetown University

Admission Chances by SAT Score

Below are estimated chances of being accepted at Georgetown University based on SAT score ranges and the overall admission rate of 12%. These chances assume you have an average GPA for the school, around 3.89.

Can I get into Georgetown with a 1550 SAT?

  • Score competitiveness Very Good

An SAT score of 1550 or higher is very competitive at Georgetown and is a better score than three quarters of students who are accepted. While having an above average chance of acceptance, admission is very competitive. The estimated chance of getting in is around 21% or higher.

Can I get into Georgetown with a 1480 SAT?

  • Score competitiveness Above Average

Scores between 1480 to 1540 are above average giving you an advantage over most applicants. While scores in this range are higher than many who apply, admission is extremely competitive. The estimated chance of being accepted is around 12% to 19%.

Can I get into Georgetown with a 1410 SAT?

  • Score competitiveness Below Average

SAT scores between 1410 to 1470 are still in the middle range of accepted students a but a little lower than the average. You can get in and have about a 7% to 11% percent chance of being admitted.

Can I get into Georgetown with a 1340 SAT?

  • Score competitiveness Reach

SAT scores from 1340 to 1400 are on the very low end of the range where students are accepted. Scores in this range are not competitive with most other applicants but you still have a chance. We estimate scores in this range have less than a 6% chance of admission to Georgetown. SAT scores below 1340 likely fall out of the range where students are regularly accepted.

Data Sources, IPEDS for Fall 2021 starting class
Admission chances to Georgetown University by SAT score
SAT Score Admission Chances
1600 29%
1590 27%
1580 25%
1570 24%
1560 22%
1550 21%
1540 19%
1530 18%
1520 16%
1510 15%
1500 14%
1490 13%
1480 12%
1470 11%
1460 10%
1450 9%
1440 9%
1430 8%
1420 7%
1410 7%
1400 6%
1390 6%
1380 5%
1370 5%
1360 4%
1350 4%
1340 4%
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Primary data source, U.S. Department of Education https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?id=131496 IPEDS survey data for Georgetown University.