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NCCC Location and Distances

Winsted, Connecticut

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Northwestern Connecticut Community College is located in Winsted, Connecticut; population 7,712 in a town fringe setting.

Park Pl E
Winsted, Connecticut
6098 USA

Map of NCCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Northwestern Connecticut Community College distance from Connecticut cities
City Distance
New Hartford Center5 miles
Torrington7 miles
Norfolk9 miles
Collinsville10 miles
Northwest Harwinton10 miles
Canton Valley10 miles
West Simsbury11 miles
Weatogue13 miles
North Granby13 miles
Simsbury Center13 miles
Litchfield14 miles
Salmon Brook14 miles
Tariffville15 miles
Falls Village15 miles
Canaan16 miles
Bantam17 miles
Thomaston17 miles
Terryville17 miles