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College of the Siskiyous Location and Distances

Weed, California

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College of the Siskiyous is located in Weed, California; population 2,967. The campus is in a rural fringe setting.

800 College Ave
Weed, California
96094-2899 USA

Map of College of the Siskiyous

Use this map to explore the area around campus and get a sense of its overall location.

Approximate Commuting Distances

These are the commuting distances you will have to travel to get to College of the Siskiyous from nearby towns.

College of the Siskiyous distance from California cities
City Distance
Carrick3 miles
Edgewood4 miles
Mount Shasta7 miles
Gazelle10 miles
Dunsmuir14 miles
Grenada17 miles
McCloud17 miles
Montague23 miles
Yreka25 miles
Etna26 miles
Tennant27 miles
Fort Jones27 miles
Coffee Creek29 miles
Greenview29 miles
Mount Hebron32 miles
Trinity Center34 miles
Macdoel35 miles
Hornbrook35 miles