Michigan Colleges with low acceptance rates

Colleges with the Lowest Acceptance Rate in Michigan for 2024

These are the most selective public and private four-year colleges in Michigan. The list is ranked by acceptance rate, lowest to highest and limited to schools which reject at least half of all applicants. Leading the list is University of Michigan which sent acceptance letters to only 18% of the 84,289 students who applied and rejected 82%.

Not all schools on the most selective list are overly academically challenging. Some schools with less rigorous test and high school GPA requirements may receive a large numbers of qualified applicants and the school does not have space to admit them all.

If you're looking for challenging colleges, explore rankings of Michigan colleges with the highest SAT scores, highest ACT scores and highest GPA's.

5 results

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan

Public 4 Year

5 reviews

18% Acceptance Rate

#1 Best Public Universities in America

  • 51,225enrollment
  • $19,318net price
  • 1350-1530SAT range
  • 31-34ACT range
  • 3.88Avg GPA

Applications Due Feb 1

Hillsdale College
Hillsdale, Michigan

Hillsdale College

Private 4 Year

0 reviews

21% Acceptance Rate


  • 1,678enrollment
  • $24,196net price
  • 1360-1520SAT range
  • 30-34ACT range
  • 3.93Avg GPA

Applications Due Mar 15

Baker College of Flint
Flint, MI

Baker College of Flint

Private 4 Year

0 reviews

37% Acceptance Rate


  • 4,106enrollment
  • $13,719net price
  • -SAT range
  • -ACT range
  • 3.2Avg GPA

Applications Due Aug 10

Spring Arbor University
Spring Arbor, MI

Spring Arbor University

Private 4 Year

2 reviews

47% Acceptance Rate

#9 Best Private Colleges in Michigan

  • 2,396enrollment
  • $22,375net price
  • 970-1135SAT range
  • 20-26ACT range
  • 3.61Avg GPA

College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI

College for Creative Studies

Private 4 Year

0 reviews

49% Acceptance Rate


  • 1,517enrollment
  • $34,906net price
  • -SAT range
  • -ACT range
  • 3.19Avg GPA