hawaii Colleges Hardest to Get Into

Colleges with the Lowest Acceptance Rate in hawaii for 2019

These are the most selective colleges in hawaii. We've ranked the schools which reject over fifty percent of applicants by rate of acceptance. Leading the list is Brigham Young University Hawaii which sent acceptance letters to only 37% of the 3,340 students who applied and rejected 63%. Interestingly, not all schools on our "most selective" lists are overly academically challenging. Schools with less rigorous standardized test and high school GPA requirements may receive a large numbers of qualified applicants and the school does not have the capacity to potentially enroll.

List of Lowest Acceptance Rate Colleges & Universities in hawaii
Rank College Percent Admitted Academic Difficulty
1 Brigham Young University Hawaii
Laie, Hawaii
3,340 Applicants
37% Avg+  Chance