Colleges for a 2.0 GPA

What colleges will likely accept a 2.0 grade point average?

A high school GPA of 2.0 or C average likely places you in the middle of the academic range at these schools. CollegeSimply has parsed the reported incoming freshman grade point averages for a large portion of U.S. schools and selected 3 target colleges where students have a competitive chance of getting in with a 2.0. This list is intended as a guide of schools to filter further and a recommendation of colleges which have historically accepted students in the 2.0 range.

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Displaying 3 target schools where your 2.0 GPA is within the typical range of past accepted applicants. You have a competitive chance at being accepted but admission is not a sure thing. Hint: You also have 18 reach schools and 325 safety schools you can consider.