WITC Location and Distances

Shell Lake, Wisconsin


Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is located in Shell Lake, Wisconsin; population 1,347 in a distant rural setting.

505 Pine Ridge Drive
Shell Lake, Wisconsin
54871-8727 USA

Map of WITC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College distance from Wisconsin cities
City Distance
Spooner6 miles
Barronett9 miles
Trego12 miles
Haugen12 miles
Cumberland16 miles
Stone Lake19 miles
Birchwood19 miles
Rice Lake20 miles
Siren23 miles
Lewis23 miles
Webster23 miles
Almena24 miles
Barron24 miles
Minong25 miles
Cameron25 miles
Turtle Lake27 miles
Reserve27 miles
Frederic27 miles

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