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Southwest Tech Location and Distances

Fennimore, Wisconsin

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Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is located in Fennimore, Wisconsin; population 2,497 in a distant rural setting.

1800 Bronson Blvd
Fennimore, Wisconsin
53809-9778 USA

Map of Southwest Tech

Approximate Commuting Distances

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College distance from Wisconsin cities
City Distance
Lancaster10 miles
Montfort10 miles
Mount Hope11 miles
Woodman11 miles
Livingston12 miles
Boscobel12 miles
Highland14 miles
Blue River15 miles
Wauzeka15 miles
Rewey15 miles
Cobb16 miles
Bloomington16 miles
Patch Grove17 miles
Muscoda18 miles
Steuben18 miles
Platteville19 miles
Linden19 miles
Edmund19 miles