MSTC Location and Distances

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin


Mid State Technical College is located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin; population 18,367 in a rural fringe setting.

500 32nd St N
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
54494 USA

Map of MSTC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Mid State Technical College distance from Wisconsin cities
City Distance
Lake Wazeecha2 miles
Biron3 miles
Port Edwards4 miles
Rudolph7 miles
Nekoosa8 miles
Vesper11 miles
Lake Camelot12 miles
Lake Sherwood13 miles
Whiting13 miles
Plover13 miles
Lake Arrowhead13 miles
Junction City14 miles
Stevens Point15 miles
Park Ridge15 miles
Bancroft15 miles
Milladore15 miles
Arpin16 miles
Babcock17 miles

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