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Globe University-Wausau Location and Distances

Rothschild, Wisconsin

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Globe University Wausau is located in Rothschild, Wisconsin; population 5,269 in a rural fringe setting.

1480 Country Road XX
Rothschild, Wisconsin
54474 USA

Map of Globe University-Wausau

Approximate Commuting Distances

Globe University Wausau distance from Wisconsin cities
City Distance
Kronenwetter4 miles
Schofield4 miles
Weston5 miles
Rib Mountain5 miles
Mosinee5 miles
Wausau7 miles
Knowlton10 miles
Brokaw12 miles
Marathon City12 miles
Hatley15 miles
Edgar17 miles
Fenwood19 miles
Junction City19 miles
Elderon19 miles
Milladore21 miles
Eland21 miles
Birnamwood21 miles
Stratford22 miles