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Gateway Technical College Location and Distances

Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Gateway Technical College is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin; population 99,218 in a midsize suburban setting.

3520 30th Ave
Kenosha, Wisconsin
53144-1690 USA

Map of Gateway Technical College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Gateway Technical College distance from Wisconsin cities
City Distance
Pleasant Prairie6 miles
Elmwood Park6 miles
Sturtevant7 miles
Mount Pleasant7 miles
Winthrop Harbor9 miles
Racine9 miles
Zion10 miles
Bristol10 miles
Beach Park11 miles
North Bay12 miles
Union Grove12 miles
Wind Point13 miles
Wadsworth13 miles
Paddock Lake13 miles
Lake Shangrila13 miles
Caledonia13 miles
Old Mill Creek14 miles
Antioch15 miles