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Valley College-Princeton Location and Distances

Princeton, West Virginia

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Valley College Princeton is located in Princeton, West Virginia; population 6,432 in a remote town setting.

616 Harrison St
Princeton, West Virginia
24740 USA

Map of Valley College-Princeton

Approximate Commuting Distances

Valley College Princeton distance from West Virginia cities
City Distance
Athens6 miles
Lashmeet7 miles
Oakvale7 miles
Montcalm9 miles
Matoaka9 miles
Bluewell10 miles
Bluefield10 miles
Brush Fork10 miles
Bramwell12 miles
Glen Lyn13 miles
Bluefield14 miles
Crumpler14 miles
Pocahontas14 miles
Maybeury15 miles
Rich Creek15 miles
Covel15 miles
Narrows16 miles
Peters16 miles