Valley College-Beckley Location and Distances

Beckley, West Virginia


Valley College Beckley is located in Beckley, West Virginia; population 17,614 in a distant town setting.

713 South Oakwood Avenue
Beckley, West Virginia
25801 USA

Map of Valley College-Beckley

Approximate Commuting Distances

Valley College Beckley distance from West Virginia cities
City Distance
Mabscott2 miles
Eccles3 miles
MacArthur3 miles
Prosperity4 miles
Crab Orchard4 miles
Stanaford4 miles
Beaver5 miles
Bradley5 miles
Glen White5 miles
Piney View6 miles
Lester6 miles
Sophia6 miles
Daniels7 miles
Mount Hope8 miles
Coal City8 miles
Pax9 miles
Prince9 miles
Shady Spring9 miles

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