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YVCC Location and Distances

Yakima, Washington

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Yakima Valley Community College is located in Yakima, Washington; population 91,067 in a small city setting.

South 16th Ave. & Nob Hill Blvd.
Yakima, Washington
98907-2520 USA

Map of YVCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Yakima Valley Community College distance from Washington cities
City Distance
Union Gap3 miles
Terrace Heights4 miles
Ahtanum4 miles
Selah4 miles
Summitview6 miles
Gleed6 miles
Parker6 miles
Moxee7 miles
Eschbach7 miles
Donald10 miles
Cowiche11 miles
Wapato11 miles
Harrah12 miles
Naches13 miles
Tieton13 miles
Buena15 miles
Tampico17 miles
Zillah17 miles