Heritage University Location and Distances

Toppenish, Washington


Heritage University is located in Toppenish, Washington; population 8,949 in a rural fringe setting.

3240 Fort Rd
Toppenish, Washington

Map of Heritage University

Approximate Commuting Distances

Heritage University distance from Washington cities
City Distance
Wapato5 miles
Buena5 miles
Zillah6 miles
Donald7 miles
Harrah7 miles
Parker9 miles
Granger10 miles
Moxee13 miles
Union Gap13 miles
Outlook15 miles
Terrace Heights16 miles
Ahtanum16 miles
White Swan16 miles
Yakima17 miles
Sunnyside19 miles
Summitview20 miles
Selah20 miles
Gleed22 miles