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Big Bend Community College Location and Distances

Moses Lake, Washington

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Big Bend Community College is located in Moses Lake, Washington; population 20,366 in a remote town setting.

7662 Chanute St
Moses Lake, Washington
98837-3299 USA

Map of Big Bend Community College

Approximate Commuting Distances

Big Bend Community College distance from Washington cities
City Distance
Moses Lake North1 miles
Cascade Valley3 miles
Ephrata13 miles
Lakeview16 miles
Soap Lake16 miles
Wilson Creek19 miles
Warden20 miles
Krupp22 miles
Royal City24 miles
Quincy25 miles
Othello26 miles
George26 miles
Coulee City30 miles
Banks Lake South31 miles
Odessa31 miles
Vantage36 miles
Hartline36 miles
Lind36 miles