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Bellingham Vocational Technical Institute Location and Distances

Bellingham, Washington

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Bellingham Technical College is located in Bellingham, Washington; population 80,885 in a small city setting.

3028 Lindbergh Ave
Bellingham, Washington
98225-1599 USA

Map of Bellingham Vocational Technical Institute

Approximate Commuting Distances

Bellingham Technical College distance from Washington cities
City Distance
Marietta-Alderwood2 miles
Geneva5 miles
Ferndale7 miles
Sudden Valley8 miles
Everson12 miles
Custer12 miles
Acme13 miles
Lynden13 miles
Alger14 miles
Birch Bay14 miles
Deming14 miles
Nooksack14 miles
Edison15 miles
Blaine18 miles
Sumas19 miles
Bay View19 miles
Kendall20 miles
Anacortes20 miles