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Southwest Virginia Location and Distances

Richlands, Virginia

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Southwest Virginia Community College is located in Richlands, Virginia; population 5,823 in a distant rural setting.

369 College Road US Rt. 19- 6 Miles S. Claypool Hill
Richlands, Virginia
24641-1101 USA

Map of Southwest Virginia

Approximate Commuting Distances

Southwest Virginia Community College distance from Virginia cities
City Distance
Claypool Hill4 miles
Cedar Bluff6 miles
Raven7 miles
Saltville9 miles
Honaker10 miles
Glade Spring15 miles
Chilhowie16 miles
Emory16 miles
Seven Mile Ford16 miles
Meadow View17 miles
Lebanon17 miles
McMullin18 miles
Tazewell18 miles
Adwolf18 miles
Berwind19 miles
Marion19 miles
Cleveland20 miles
Cucumber21 miles