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RCC Location and Distances

Glenns, Virginia

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Rappahannock Community College is located in Glenns, Virginia; in a distant rural setting.

12745 College Drive
Glenns, Virginia
23149-2616 USA

Map of RCC

Approximate Commuting Distances

Rappahannock Community College distance from Virginia cities
City Distance
Saluda3 miles
Urbanna6 miles
West Point10 miles
Gloucester Courthouse12 miles
Irvington13 miles
White Stone14 miles
King and Queen Court House16 miles
Deltaville16 miles
Kilmarnock17 miles
Mathews18 miles
Gwynn19 miles
New Kent20 miles
Williamsburg21 miles
Gloucester Point21 miles
King William23 miles
York24 miles
Heathsville25 miles
Tappahannock27 miles
Scotland28 miles