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Potomac College-Herndon Location and Distances

Herndon, Virginia

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Potomac College Herndon is located in Herndon, Virginia; population 23,292 in a large suburban setting.

1029 Herndon Pkwy
Herndon, Virginia
20170 USA

Map of Potomac College-Herndon

Approximate Commuting Distances

Potomac College Herndon distance from Virginia cities
City Distance
McNair1 miles
Oak Grove2 miles
Floris2 miles
Dranesville3 miles
Sterling3 miles
Reston3 miles
Franklin Farm4 miles
Dulles Town Center4 miles
Sugarland Run5 miles
Moorefield Station6 miles
Chantilly6 miles
Cascades6 miles
Loudoun Valley Estates6 miles
Ashburn6 miles
Countryside6 miles
Great Falls6 miles
Greenbriar6 miles
Wolf Trap7 miles